2-SAK-GREEN It is a really beautiful necklace Justin Zink Fort Morgan, CO United States
12-FO-BLUE Other than the necklace being a dark brown instead of light brown leather -- it was a perfect fit! HNG Kansas City, MO United States
1-DCHE-ORANGE Love it!!! Color is great. Can´t wait to wear them! Anita Germany
1-drae-wht Beautiful! The earrings are looking fantastic! Anita Germany
2-SAK-PIN-BLUE-ORANGE The colors are amazing! When I saw it, I was stunned! Anita Germany
71-ERP-RD/YL There is no other words to describe the earrings I received today. They are exactly what I was looking for. Tara Robnett Las Vegas, NV United States
1-MD-GREEN Wife loved them michael gregorio noblesville, IN United States
71-ERP-PINK-YELL Wife loved them michael gregorio noblesville, IN United States
1-MDP-PINK-WHITE This was purchased as a raffle prize for an orchid club show...and now I want to keep it for myself! I'll just have to order another one! Chris Thomas Boise, ID United States
78-ETGR-GREEN They're pretty big...but really cool and unique. Chris Thomas Boise, ID United States


Love it!! Thank you! It will be the perfect accent for my dress, as the mother of the bride at a wedding in Hawii! Rose Hartford, WI United States


I bought these for my daughter in law. She loved them! My mother in law tried to take them away from her. Terri McCuistion Forney, TX United States
I bought these for my daughter in law. They are her favorite color and she loves them. Terri McCuistion Forney, TX United States


I got these as a gift for my sister. They are her favorite color. She says she doesn't normally bother with earrings, but can't wait to wear these. Terri McCuistion Forney, TX United States


I got these for my mother. She was blown away by the color. So beautiful and go with so many outfits. Terri McCuistion Forney, TX United States



I haven't worn them yet but they are gorgeous! Terri McCuistion Forney, TX United States


I haven't worn them yet but they are gorgeous! Thank you Hanami! Terri McCuistion Forney, TX United States


I haven't worn them yet but they are gorgeous! Thank you! Terri McCuistion Forney, TX United States


I haven't worn them yet but they are gorgeous! Thank you Hanami! Terri McCuistion Forney, TX United States


I haven't worn them yet but they are gorgeous! Thank you Hanami! Terri McCuistion Forney, TX United States


I haven't worn them yet but they are gorgeous! Thank you Hanami! Terri McCuistion Forney, TX United States


I was able to navigate your website easily and order exactly what I wanted. Very enjoyable experience. I have told my friends and family about it and will definitely use you guys again. Brian Oberdiear Brooklyn Park, MN United States

The packing for the transport was great and the flower arrived in good shape. I had to pay about 20 dollars in transport and toll (in addition to the amount I payed via your website).

OUR REPLY: Customs fees in your country can vary a lot. Most times there is nothing to pay, but if your customs clerk is eager, than there may be a fee, and we have no influence over that. Sorry for the added cost

Asa Larsson Gavle, Gavleborg Sweden
95-ECT-BLUE My wife loved these! They came in a timely manner and were exactly as pictured on the site. Would highly reccomend Karl N Cedar Park, TX United States
4-CH-PRPL NA Bought this for my daughter. The piece was as clear and beautiful as the picture. Shonda Monette Tiffin, IA United States
TAG-5-RED Bought this for myself. Exactly what I expected. Excellent job with the display pics. Shonda Monette Tiffin, IA United States
71-ERP-PINK-YELL The recipient was very pleased and intrigued by the gift. Beautiful. rbt falls church, VA United States
3-BLUE-GOLD-RED I received the necklace in just a few days & it is lovely & perfect to wear with a skirt that I wanted it for. It will also go with some other outfits that I have. Sikeston, MO United States
12-FO-BLUE-YELL The flower itself was beautiful. However, I found the silver rope to be too short for my neck. I blame myself for that because the length (16 inches) was given, but I didn't realize it would be too short on me. I don't have a huge neck, but I also don't have a very slender neck like some people. I wound up buying a 20-inch silver chain and now the necklace is perfect. Livia Farmingdale, NY United States
94-CTPE-RED Exceptional product . Nice, very clean work.
And tracking for package. Hanami is very serious.
Thank you
1-MDP-PRPL-RED I had one of your flowers I purchased in 2009, and it had broken. I ordered a new one and it seems to be coated a lot better than the old one. I also noticed the packaging is not as nice as it used to be, I am glad I kept the tin the original one came in. REPLY: Sorry, we had to change box suppliers, because our original supplier changed the type of box we need. Margaret Pfeiffer Des Plaines, IL United States
10-VANDA-PIN-WHITE The pin is lovely and arrived quickly and in excellent condition with great packaging for gift giving.
Thanks very much.
Ann Rorabaugh Winter Park, FL United States
37-NBLE-SMALL-BLUE This is the second necklace I've purchased. Love them both! Kathryn Keim Bayville, NJ United States
S-1-MD2-WHITE-PRPL My wife loved the product! It's beautiful. Thomas Cleary San Antonio, TX United States
1-MD-PiNK-WHT Product received is the same as the one on the picture.
Fast expedition and reception.
Really happy with my purchase.
Product well protected for shipping.
Benedicte Gelebart Sherbrooke, QC Canada

I made this order as a gift for my wife, and it included a gift note.
There was not any gift note inside the box, just a bunch of Hanami business cards, (the note was just in the invoice that I received).
In this case this was very disappointing because I chose Hanami due to a personal history that the note was referencing.

It was really a pity that such a beautiful present was kind of ruined because of that. These small details can make the difference to trust in a store or not.

Thank you.


OUR REPLY: Sorry, Jorge.

You are right, the fine details do make a difference. Thanks to your comment, we are now printing personal gift notes on beautiful parchment paper, at no extra charge.

Jorge Onieva Onieva Boston, MA United States
37-NBLE-SMALL-PRPL I absolutely love all of the orchids I have purchased from Hanami. I receive compliments every time I wear one of them. Rebecca Tanner Albuquerque, NM United States
11-LD-PRPL-WHT This is an amazing company.

Their product are high quality and their service is amazing. They are really attentive, professionals. I strongly recommend them.

I am from Spain and I have had no problems with the purchase. I would definitely order again
Xavier Pano Vacarisses, Barcelona Spain
95-ECT-PINK These earrings are very beautiful also. They match the lily necklace. My husband purchased these as a gift for me. I wear these with the petal of lily necklace. As I mentioned before we travel and I get many compliments on my jewelry from Hanamiusa.
Love it.
Kathryn Ainsworth Hanmer, ON Canada
97-PLN-PINK This necklace is very beautiful. I travel and everywhere I go people compliment on my necklace. This is my second purchase, my first was a yellow orchid and earrings to match.
You cannot go wrong in whatever you purchase from this company. My husband ordered this as a gift for me.
Love it.
Kathryn Ainsworth Hanmer, ON Canada
11-LD-PRPL-GRN This fourth or fifth time I have purchased a beautiful piece of flower jewelry. Several times as gifts, twice for myself. Once in person (at Phila Flower Show ) and rest online. Always top quality ( how can you go wrong with gorgeous flowers??) and online represents very clearly what you will receive. Colleen Philadelphia, PA United States

Item arrived very quickly and was securely packaged. The contents also smelled very nice when opened.


OUR REPLY:  The flowers actually do not have a smell, since they are sealed with resin.  We just add a drop of rose oil to the packaging.  Nice of you to notice.

S-11-LD-PRPL-BLUE VERY WELL DESIGNED Joseph Mortell Rockville centre , NY United States
1-MDHRC-WHITE-PRPL-HCLIP Beautiful, I love them tricia alvaro west palm beach, FL United States
11-LDHRC-PRPL-BLUE Beautiful, I love it....this is a replacement of one I had a few years ago from this company tricia alvaro west palm beach, FL United States
11-LDHRC-PRPL-YL Beautiful, It is my favorite!! tricia alvaro west palm beach, FL United States
1-BSE-BLUE These are spectacular. You will be very pleased with any Hanami designs and products. Much better in person. Any lady will be thrilled to receive it. Brad Morris Manorville, NY United States
11-LDHRC-PRPL-BLUE Lightweight so it holds well even in fine hair with or without styling. The colors are so vibrant. The clip is easy to open and is not loose for closure. Sarah Franklin Norfolk, VA United States
11-LDHRC-PRPL-OR Lightweight so it holds well even in fine hair with or without styling. The colors are so vibrant. The clip is easy to open and is not loose for closure. Sarah Franklin Norfolk, VA United States
37-NBLE-SMALL-BL-PRPL For something so colorful and unique looking it can easily hold it's own as a statement piece. Many have added me if it was glass and were surprised when
I told them it was a real orchid. I like the versatility offered by the loop holding the coed so that
I can wear it with whatsoever chain I want. Great purchase yo cherish fir years to come and worth the investment
Sarah Franklin Norfolk, VA United States
1-MDHRC-WHITE-PRPL-HCLIP I have always liked putting flowers in my hair to get a tropical look. This white-and-lavender beauty is the smaller of the clips I ordered but still changes one's whole look when put in the tresses, especially behind the ear. Deborah Seaman New Canaan, CT United States
1-MDP-PNK-WHT I also like larger earrings so got two of the pink dendrobium pins to make into clip earrings. (The smaller dangling flower earrings on this site are indeed beautiful, but I just prefer them clipped right on my ear.) They are all fragile, so you have to handle them carefully, but I'm sure I will order more. It's such a great tropical look! Deborah Seaman New Canaan, CT United States
96-LOP-ORNG-PIN You will be noticed--in the best way--when you wear this jewelry! I am not a pin person so had one of the large pins (a pink and orange and pink cattleya) converted into a hair clip to put behind my ear. The tropical colors are beautiful, and people need to wear bright colors. Deborah Seaman New Canaan, CT United States
72-EAL-PINK-WHT Beautiful! The earrings were larger than I expected. AL United States
75-OPE-PINK Was very fast! Bought this for my girlfriends birthday. Was just expecting the box to come in and it did as expected. But when I opened the box to put the ear rings into a sort of gift box, the decor smelled so great and looked great so I might use the box itself as the gift! Thank you for the great handling and fast shipping! Will order again! Kevin Vang Oshkosh, WI United States
1-MDP-BLU-PRPL The customer service for this site is extraordinary. They were speedy to respond to all of my questions and not to mention professional. My gift arrived quickly with time to spare. I wish all customer service could be this great. This company helped me bring a very special and unique gift to my grandmother on her birthday. This pin satisfies my grandmother's love for flowers and is something that will last forever. I would definitely recommend this store. Jamie Fronckowiak Elmhurst, NY United States
1-DRAE-BLUE Gorgeous earrings! I loved the packaging, the box even had rose petals and smelled wonderful! Yeris Mayol-Garcia State College, PA United States
S-11-LD-PRPL-BLUE Beautiful items, colours and quality are amazing.
Fast international postage too.
WA Australia
TAG-10-YELL Love this necklace! It looks exactly how the pic shows it. Fully adjustable to wear as a choker or longer necklace. Love the lightness of it and the fact that it's not plastic! Diane Barriere Richardson, TX United States
37-NBLE-SMALL-PRPL I am a new mother of a twin boy and girl. 3 mpnths ago my world changed for the better and I realized how much my mother truelly had loved me all of y 28 years of life. A few years ago I saw a girl wearing a piece of your jewelry PERFECT GIFt !!! Stephanie Delee Shirley, NY United States


Really appreciate the personal service you gave. Received the earrings today, they are perfect. Love the packaging! Rosanne Ma Miami Beach , FL United States
MUM-BLU-WHT They are beautiful! It's my favorite earrings! Ekaterina Koltovich McLean, VA United States


I was hoping to receive my order by valentines day. I understand that that timeline was tight but I REALLY would have hoped to have received it by now!



Maxwell, we did send your order promptly (next day), being aware of the tight deadline.  The Post Office however delayed its arrival without any reason known to us.  I regret the delay, but it is not our fault.



Maxwell Sinsheimer New York, NY United States
MUM-RD-ORNG Wearing these beautiful earrings is like adding a bit of sunshine to your day. Lightweight and with just enough sway, they have great presence. And they're so vibrantly colored, they look ready to pop into a vase! Love them. Merryl Rosenthal Brooklyn, NY United States
S-11-LD-PRPL-BLUE The dendrobium set match my wedding colors and flora arrangement perfectly. I would recommend this to my friends and family. Tawana Rohlsen Saint Petersburg, FL United States
95-ECT-BLUE I wear these at least 3-4 days a week, and ALWAYS get compliments on them. They're a beautiful color and just a bit translucent. Although they are a nice size, they are not too heavy (I have small earlobes, so heavy doesn't work for me).

These are definitely a must have!
Jackie Brooklyn, NY United States
37-NBLE-PRPL-BL These products are amazing. They are so full of life! David K Brooklyn, NY United States