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Discover the world of Tagua Jewelry

TAGUA JEWELRY IS A TREND THAT INTRODUCES TROPICAL FASHION IN AN ECO-FRIENDLY WAYBecause it's made from palm seeds in natural off-white color, marbled grain tone and texture similar to that of elephant ivory, Tagua nut is dubbed as "Vegetable Ivory." It resembles the look and feel of Elephant Ivory, and is equally hard and durable.It is a guilt-free ivory substitute that can be transformed into vibrant pieces of nature-made jewelry.         TAGUA - WHAT IS IT AND WHERE IT COMES FROM? Tagua nuts are harvested from tropical Phytelephas or Yarina palm trees, which develop inside pods called cabezas.  In the pods, they can grow up to six centimeters or more than two inches in size. They grow along with the...

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